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Court Services Institute is a company developed to provide educational programs to courts, businesses and individuals with the goal of assisting students in Making Better Choices. Our programs were created in 2002 using many of the latest concepts and techniques. We help to equip students with the knowledge and insight to improve their decision making process by showing options that they might never have been previously able to visualize or implement. With increased self-esteem these individuals are allowed to become responsible members of society.

Our Team

The CSI Team consists of our President, Regional Administrator, Information Technology Manager, Court Liaison, Instructor Managers, and Instructors throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This team is dedicated to serving the courts, communities and the students who attend our programs.

Our President has been a part of the court system in many different capacities for 37 years. She has been a Court Administrator, State of Washington Court Commissioner and Past President of the National Association of Court Managers and Past President of the Washington Court Managers Association. She graduated with a "Fellowship" from the Institute of Court Management in Denver. For the last 10 years she has provided educational programs for the Courts to use in diversion and sentencing programs. She also acts as CSI's Court Liaison, personally contacting the Judges, Administrators, and Probation Officers. She will also be attending their educational and annual conferences.

Our Regional Administrator is experienced in office management and responsible for all aspects of the registration of students: for reporting to the referring agency both compliance and non compliance reports; and to guide the students through the system so the court personnel are left free to handle their ever increasing workload. This office will assure that CSI meets the needs of the courts as well as the students. Courts benefit with the technical assistance developed by CSI, which allows courts to access our database any time to follow the students they have referred.

Our Program Director is a technical writer, published author and lecturer on educational program development and implementation. She has developed CSI's new programs, which required planning and a systematic approach, specifically to meet the needs of our students.

Our Instructors, acting as facilitators in a combined classroom and discussion arena, provide the medium to deliver our programs. Instructor backgrounds consist of the judicial system, counseling, law enforcement and education......most with advanced degrees. They are locally trained facilitators who have special training in our programs to utilize student interaction to assist students in realizing their choices and increase their self-esteem. Each of our instructors has a special expertise they bring to enhance the educational experience of the student.

Our Court Liaison , Karen Wick, recently retired from 32 years experience as a Snohomish County Court Administrator. She is a graduate of Institute of Court Management in Denver and a Washington State Court Commissioner. She holds the positions of Past President of the National Association for Court Managers Association and Past President of the Washington State Court Managers Association among many other State and National committees she has served on. Her career has and is a dedication to the courts and the communities she served.


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