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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I have to take a class?
If you have had an infraction or criminal charge and the court or Department of Motor Vehicles has referred you as part of your diversion or sentencing.

How do I know if I can take a traffic class for point reduction?
Point reduction for a traffic class depends on the state law in which you reside.

Can I take the class if I want to without a court order?
Yes, our programs are open to anyone feeling the need for additional education in Making Better Choices.

Do you have Internet classes?
Yes, CSI Choices I is offered online at www.CourtSI.com.


How can I register?
24 hours a day online at www.CourtSI.com
Telephone at 1-866-268-7874
Email to Support@CourtSI.com
By letter to CSI - PO Box 2017 - Oregon City, OR 97045

Where does CSI hold classes?
We have various locations throughout each state. Locations and dates are posted at www.CourtSI.com

How do I pay for the class?
Tuition can be paid online or by telephone with Credit card/Debit card or by sending a money order to CSI two weeks prior to class. $10 will be added to your tuition if not received 2 weeks prior to class.

Where do I get a money order?
Post Office, Banks, 7-11, grocery stores

Can I pay at the class?
Paying at the door the day of class is by money order only. In addition, the tuition will be an additional $10 at the door.


How do I get to the classroom?
At the time of registration you will be given a location, address and directions. If you register online, please print a copy of the directions for your use.

Is a map available?
Map Quest or the class location web page may help you with directions. Or call the CSI office for directions

Is there handicap access?
Generally CSI class locations have handicap access. Please notify the office if you need any additional help.

Where can I park?
Parking is usually included with directions. In some locations you may have to pay to park.


Do I have to take notes?
No, CSI will provide you with a Student Guide. Please bring a pen or pencil.

Will you tell the Judge what I say in class?
CSI will only advise the Judge if you have successfully completed the required components of the course. Or in the case of not successfully completing the class, the court will be notified with specific reasons.

What is required of me to graduate from the CSI class?
Attend the entire class, by arriving on time and returning from breaks on time
Treat yourself and others with respect
Each student has a right to their own opinion
Be aware of your choice of language
Participate in all course exercises as requested by the Instructor
No Smoking, eating or drinking during class
Complete a written "Personal Action Plan"
Complete a Course and Instructor Evaluation form.

What if I am late for class?
In fairness to all students, you must be there on time or you will not be admitted.

What if I go to class without paying my tuition?
You will not be admitted

Is there food during breaks or lunch?
There is no food allowed in the classroom during class. Instructors may allow lunch to be eaten in the classrooms during the break. You are responsible for bringing a sack lunch if your class is over four hours.

Can my spouse/friend go to the class with me?
Yes, but they must pre-register and pay the normal tuition for that class.

What if I have to leave early?
You will not be given a completion certificate and will need to reschedule and attend the entire class on another date.

When do I get my certificate?
Upon completion of the requirements of the class, a certificate is issued to each graduating student.

How do I tell the court I completed the class?
Make a copy of your certificate and take it or mail it to the court before your deadline date.

What if I do not attend by the deadline date the court gave me?
CSI will notify the court that you have not complied with the court order.


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