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Presenting "Choices For Change"

CSI programs develop personal accountability. Students learn strategies that enable them to take responsibility for their own choices and behavior

Court Services Institute (CSI), has developed new and improved quality programs for the Courts to utilize with diversion or sentencing conditions


All Oregon in-person classroom courses are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

If you are already scheduled for a class in Washington and have not been contacted, our support team will assist you.

Until further notice, we are not scheduling new classes.

CSI Course Goals

  • The goal of CSI courses is to enable offenders to discover alternative behavior and make choices to behave in a way that will end their illegal behavior and prevent their return to court
  • CSI courses are based on the belief that the student will choose productive behaviors if provided with options, and that those informed alternatives will motivate change
  • A Commitment, where each student will affirm the choices they have made to change the behavior that brought them to the class

  • CSI Course Objectives

  • Create Awareness - To develop awareness of safe and responsible behavior/habits
  • Self-Assessment - Explore attitudes and personal behavior patterns
  • Commitment - Create behavior change by developing an internal commitment based on personal values

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