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Compass Learning Systems

  • Court Services Institute is now Compass Learning Systems: During our transition, this website will service existing accounts and provide only new accounts for Washington students required to take our "Choices 1" course.

    If you are NOT a student from Washington, click HERE to register on our new website.


    For all NEW registrations:

    if you are from Oregon, click HERE
    to register on our new COMPASS LEARNING SYSTEMS website.

    If you are from Washington, register on this site ONLY for "Choices 1 - Online Course".

    To register for ANY OTHER COURSE click HERE

    CSI Course Goals

  • The goal of CSI courses is to enable offenders to discover alternative behavior and make choices to behave in a way that will end their illegal behavior and prevent their return to court
  • CSI courses are based on the belief that the student will choose productive behaviors if provided with options, and that those informed alternatives will motivate change
  • A Commitment, where each student will affirm the choices they have made to change the behavior that brought them to the class

  • CSI Course Objectives

  • Create Awareness - To develop awareness of safe and responsible behavior/habits
  • Self-Assessment - Explore attitudes and personal behavior patterns
  • Commitment - Create behavior change by developing an internal commitment based on personal values

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