CSI Programs Include

Choices I - Defensive Driving - Ending Traffic Violations That Cause Crashes: An awareness and personal commitment course based on the belief that a driver will choose productive behaviors if provided with options and motivation for change. This Program is Also Available Online

Choices II - Ending Aggressive Driving - Strategies for Ending Violations and Crashes Caused by Road Rage: A values-based course for repeat or serious traffic offenders who have a potential to commit serious harm to themselves, others and property.

The Federal Government ranks "Road Rage" as a top safety issue,
up with alcohol related driving and seat belt offenses.

Consumer Awareness - Shoplifting, Theft of Services and Bad Check Writing: Based on the belief that a student will choose legal behaviors and admit to accountability if provided with options, made aware of their role in the community and are provided with strategies to help them make the attitude, belief and values shift to more legal, productive behaviors.

ADIS - Alcohol / Drug Information School: Designed to create awareness of legal, safe and responsible habits in regards to alcohol / drugs and substance abuse.

Anger Management Skills: An awareness, personal examination and personal commitment course. Students learn strategies that will reduce or eliminate the conditions that trigger their anger. This program is offered as an eight and a sixteen hour course.


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